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About Our Trust

The Aashlar Business School Mathura was established by Sai Ram Charitable Trust, Agra .
Sai Ram Charitable Trust, Agra was established and registered under the trust Act in April 2008. The trust was established with the main objective of development of social, educational and intellectual level of boys and girls. The trust also aims to develop new institutions for imparting higher education. The trust was established by a group of philanthropic industrialists interested in social service and education. These industrialists felt it to be the function of industry to provide to the society such services as might enable it to maintain an environment conducive for the sustenance of industries in accordance with the triple bottom-line principles. It was with a view to fulfill this aspiration that the Sai Ram Charitable Trust was founded under the guidance of some top ranking Educationists, Doctors, Engineers, Managers, Directors and Scientists both from India and Abroad.