About us

About Our Institution

Aashalar Business School is one of the pioneer Institute holds is physical establishment in the holy feet`s of the motherland of Lord KRISHNA i.e. near Mathura and is pride fully neighbourhood of the birth place of Pt. Deen Dayal Uadhyay`s Mahuan toll plaza, Farah, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. In the more than two acres of premium location of NH 2, the building of institution catches people`s attention very normally with the beautiful landscapes of lush green vision and floral glance of the campus gives an amazing ambiance to it. Technically designed lecture theatres equipped with all modern gadgets and gizmos are meant to be the most environments for the campus.
A huge and grand collection of books related to every field of education makes up the library a rich and elegant place to enhance the knowledge of students.
Audio visual lab also is a tool to learn other language in the easiest way where updated technology and software`s are coupled to make students pacefull with the time acceleration. Seminar and conference hall with the seating capacity of more than 150 people is giving profession flair to the works of students.
More than 150 computers cater the batch of students with the fullest of its capacities where students learn the various aspects of IT education related to their curriculum. Beautifully designed canteen of the campus serves all the cuisines and food with tempting tastes of All Indian regional food.
Whatever we see in the world has always been the same as what we wanted the world to look like...!! We at Ashlar Business School are geared up and committedgive you those dream, feather and a grand sling to measure the infinite sky and its elements. We promise to make you the merchant of DREAMS.