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    To qualify for promotion to the second year, the student’s grade point average in the first year must not be less than 2.0 and he/she should fulfill the following condition:

    • Should not obtain an F in more than one course.
    • Should not obtain D in more than two courses if he/she has already obtained F in one course.

    To qualify for the award of degree. The grade point average of a second year student must be at least 2,00.

    In addition, a student should fulfill the following conditions in the second year courses:

    • He she should not obtain F in more than one course.
    • He/she should not obtain D in more than three courses provided that he/ she does not obtain F in any course.
    • If he/she obtains F in one course, he/she should not obtain D in more than two courses.

    For promotion. an F or a D in any course is treated as full F or full D irrespective of whether the course is a full credit or half credit one.

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