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    The Duration of the Programme is two academic years. Each academic year begins in July and ends in March/April and has three terms called trimesters. Summer vacations at the end of the fist academic year is utilized for providing organizational orientation to student. Placement activities start before three months towards the end of the second academic year.


    The compulsory package in the programme

    • Provides conceptual and analytical knowledge and inculcates attitudes and skills necessary for managerial effectiveness in IT sector.
    • Develops an integrated view of organizational and managerial functioning and understanding of the interdependencies of subsystem.
    • Creates awareness and understanding of environmental forces improving on managerial behavior.


    The elective courses aim at deepening the student’s understanding of management and providing an opportunity for academic concentration on corporate sector to enable a student to cope with and make an impact in the early years of his/her career.

    The student are required to finalize the curses they wish to take about 8 weeks before the semester begins . some academic areas offer concentration packages in the second year for specialization in functional areas.


      All first year courses are compulsory.

    Sr. Course Code Subject
    1. DM 101 Principle and Practices of Management
    2. DM 102 Quantitative Technique for Business
    3. DM 103 Financial Accounting
    4. DM 104 Managerial Economics
    5. DM 105 Information Technology in Business
    6. DM 106 Organizational Behaviour-1
    7. DM 107 Business Communication
    Sr. Course Code Subject
    1. DM 201 Business Environment
    2. DM 202 Operation Research
    3. DM 203 Management Accounting
    4. DM 204 Organizational Behaviour-11
    5. DM 205 Business Law
    6. DM 206 Marketing Managment
    Sr. Course Code Subject
    1. DM 301 Business Research
    2. DM 302 Fundamental of Human Resource Management
    3. DM 303 Production and Operations Management
    4. DM 304 Management Information Systems
    5. DM 305 Supply Chains Management
    6. DM 306 Financial Management
    Sr. Course Code Subject
    1. DM 401 Quality Management
    2. DM 402 Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
    3.  - Specialization Group-1 Elective-1*
    4.  - Specialization Group-1 Elective-2*
    5.  - Specialization Group-2 Elective-1*
    6.  - Specialization Group-2 Elective-2*
    7. DM-403 Summer Training Report
    Sr. Course Code Subject
    1. DM 501 Strategic Management
    2. DM 502 Knowledge Management
    3.  - Specialization Group-1 Elective-3*
    4.  - Specialization Group-1 Elective-4*
    5.  - Specialization Group-2 Elective-3*
    6.  - Specialization Group-2 Elective-4*
    Sr. Course Code Subject
    1. DM 601 Project Report and Comprehensive viva voce* 300 marks[200 for the project report and 100 for vive voce]
    2.  - Specialization Group-1 Elective-5*
    3.  - Specialization Group-1 Elective-6*
    4.  - Specialization Group-2 Elective-5*
    5.  - Specialization Group-2 Elective-5*
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